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Tips on Creating Energy-Efficient Sports Venues

Sports venues like gyms and arenas can pass energy assessments with just a few renovations here and there. And these changes do not necessarily have to be dramatic.

One of several things that can be done to create an energy-efficient stadium is to install solar panels on the rooftop. This can be used as alternative power source for the entire area. And considering the normal size of a coliseum, these panels can probably absorb enough electricity to last an entire day.

Another thing that can be done is to replace all lighting within the building with LED bulbs. These fixtures have been known to consume very little amount of energy but can still provide great, even better than normal, illumination. As for the outdoor lights, solar-powered ones are excellent options. Additionally, those huge screens in a coliseum, those that display scores and adverts, can also be replaced with LCD monitors. These give better video quality without creating any hazard to humanity and the environment.

When it comes to enclosed rings that are used during boxing competitions, it is best to use economical heating and cooling systems for them. Old air-conditioners can be replaced with newer and energy-efficient ones. Proper insulation can also be used to keep and distribute heat evenly inside the building.

Once all of these changes are implemented, a sports arena's demand for electricity will surely be reduced. This means that the building's carbon emissions will also be minimised. In other words, there will be clear air in the premises, something that is beneficial to athletes and spectators alike.

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